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4 ways to win long-term event sponsorships

Organizing an event is not that easy to do, especially if it’s your first time. Even those who have been organizing events for decades still need some refreshers to make sure they can convince a company, an individual or an organization to sponsor their event.

But event sponsorship is a business. Sponsors would never sign a contract with you unless they are sure they can get something in return. So what will you do to lure possible sponsors to support your events?

All companies crave to get new clients every day and increase brand awareness for their products or businesses. That is exactly the reason why they agree for an event sponsorship with you. So make sure you get to fulfill this main goal.

Here are 4 ways that can help you convince companies and businesses to sponsor your events:

1) Create a venue for your guests and your sponsors to interact

Some people don’t like being offered with products that they don’t normally use or follow. But you can very well cut off this norm by having a spot in your event where your guests can interact with your sponsors without disappointing or scaring your guests away. You can do this by booking a photo booth in your event. A photo booth allows your guests to have fun and keep them relaxed. They can make new friends while having their photo sessions and your sponsors can join in the fun, do a little chit-chat and exchange business cards with your guests.

2) Ride on with the technology bandwagon

Almost anything can now be done online. With just one click, you can pay your bills, book hotels, buy groceries, or buy plane tickets. Go with the online craze and help your sponsors reach new clients through the power of the internet. In booking for a photo booth, choose the one that offers integrated social media sharing where your guests can share their photos online. Sponsors can ask your guests to share to them their most-loved photos during the event and you can even create a hash tag that would tie your event to the sponsor's brand.

3) Help sponsors gather personal information of your guests

Companies usually connect with prospective clients through emails or phones so help your sponsors gather personal information of your guests such as their email addresses and phone numbers. In booking for a photo booth, choose the one that offers an opt-in enabled email list from the photos taken and shared through the photo booth. This will allow your sponsors to do follow ups with your guests after the event.

4) Give gifts to your guests after the event

Giving your guests something to take home will help them remember your event and the sponsors that they met. Create your guests’ printable photos with the sponsor’s logo or hash tag. This allows your guests to remember easily who were at the event.

Meanwhile, aside from all these tips, it is also best to have a photo booth at the event venue. This will help make the party more meaningful as participants are able to get a snap shot of their activities.

There are hundreds of companies that offer photo booth rental at affordable rates, depending on the package that you choose. If we narrow down these hundreds of photo booth rental companies in the bay area, you can surely find the perfect one that offers the best photo booth package at inexpensive prices.

To give you some hints, you can try Events and Celebrations, a company that offers photo booth rentals in the bay area. This company offers unique photo coverage for both corporate events and private parties.

What’s best about this photo booth rental is it offers Retro Booth for those who love to take their photos with a retro look.

But of course, you can still choose to rent the open air booth where you can take unlimited photos, choose from a large selection of backdrops and go for customized photo designs with graphics if you like. You can also request for additional photo booth services like a social media kiosk for guests who want to share their photos on social media, animated GIFs for the photos, choose a customized backdrop and props, go for a live HD slide show, double the printing of the photos or go for unlimited prints.

If you love the outdoors, why not try The Booth Bus? Your guests have to take their photos literally inside a bus that has been converted into a beautiful photo booth. This type of photo booth is perfect for weddings and huge outdoor parties. Your guests will surely don’t mind lining up just to have their photos taken!

There’s also Kande Photo Booths, a company that provides premier photo booth rental bay area for all types of occasions like corporate events, weddings, birthdays, marketing events and graduation parties.

If you need help with booking a photo booth, contact us.