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5 Killer Tips To A Memorable Party

Except for some ‘killjoy’ people, almost every one of us loves to throw and attend parties. We love hanging out with our friends for an endless chit-chat. We look forward to meeting new friends who may have the same interests as ours. And of course, we love to try new food and drinks that may give us some inspirations in one way or another. In short, a party is one venue for us to enjoy, make friends and do something new.

But how can you make your party a fun and memorable one not only for your guests but for you as well?

Here are 5 killer tips to a very memorable party.

1) Come up with an exciting theme

A theme may not really be necessary but having one would surely make your party extra special. You may consider asking your guests to wear a combination of black and white. Or you can make your party a masquerade gathering by requesting all the guests to wear costumes and masks. You can also set a particular year as the party theme like 1920s, 1930s or 1970s and ask your guests to wear something that are appropriate for that years. Or you can have a pajama party, a hat party or a Rubik’s Cube party. Your theme should be something unique but is still very much related to the real reason why you are holding the party in the first place. Just make sure you clearly emphasize the theme in your invitation and all your guests know so that no one ends up looking stupid and out of place.

2) Set the mood

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests to really enjoy the night. You may want to light scented candles and display them on the sides. Make sure your playlist of songs is soulfully inviting and fits your theme. Play them one by one even before your first guest arrives. Or you may opt to invite a local band to play in your party. It would definitely be more fun if the guests can dance and sing along with the band.

3. Wide selection of food

Consider the personal preferences of your guests. Some may be vegetarians, or others may prefer to eat more meat than vegetables. Make sure that all your guests will not go home hungry. Choose foods that don’t require heating or reheating so you won’t end up getting worried over serving your guests cold food. Make sure you have plenty of salty and sweet snacks too.

4. Serve special drinks

You may want to create special drinks that your guests would surely love. Show your creativity and come up with your own cocktail or any signature drink to make the party more special. Check what fruits are in season and from there, you can surely concoct your own drink.

5) Come up with a variety of activities

Food and drinks are the usual elements in a party but you can make yours a very special one by adding a few games and asking everyone to join – no exemption. You may have guests who don’t drink much and may become bored after a few hours but with interactive games, they will surely get excited.

Whatever party you will be hosting, don’t make it just an ordinary one. Make it super special and memorable.

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