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5 tips to a successful debut party

Birthdays happen only once a year that’s why some people really try to celebrate it with a bang. In the Philippines, the 18th birthday of a woman is perhaps the most precious celebration of all since it is the day when she finally blossoms into a lady and is now ready to do more things legally with freedom. And since it is a major event of a woman’s life, majority of women really hold a grand birthday celebration, called a “debut.” In other countries, however, a debut is an event that introduces a group of women, mostly from 15 to 18 years old, into the society. They are presented officially to the public during the debut party.

Debut parties differ from countries to countries but even then, it should be planned carefully to make the event successful.

Here are 5 tips that can help you plan for a successful debut party.

1. Come up with a good theme

If we consider the Philippine tradition, a debut is not just a simple birthday celebration. It is an important milestone of a woman’s life. Making it a grand one is definitely worth remembering not only for the debutante but also for her guests. That’s why you need to come up with a really good theme as this will set the tone of the whole celebration. All things will just follow smoothly once you have decided on the theme.

In coming up with a theme, consider the debutante’s hobbies or any special interests. She may love to have a princess-themed royal debut party, a cowboy or a music-themed celebration. Let the debutante choose the theme, after all, it’s her party.

2. Choose an appropriate venue

You have to carefully choose the venue for the party, depending on your theme and the number of invited guests. Make sure all the guests will fit into the venue. Do an ocular inspection of the place and plan early where to place the food, the music, and all the things needed for the party.

3. Carefully choose the food

Having an array of delectable food would definitely make your debut party a big bang. Let’s face it, majority of your guests come to your party for the food so make sure to have a good selection of the menu. Consider your guests and take note for some diet restrictions. Some of your guests may have food allergies so make sure you put correct labels on the food trays to keep them aware.

Choose a good and reliable food caterer if you won’t personally do the cooking. If you don’t know of anyone, you can always ask for referrals from your friends or family members. Do food tastings if possible.

4. Personalize the invitations

You can always send invitations to your guests through social media but still, nothing beats the thought of sending personalized invitation cards that suit the theme of the party. Also, some of your guests may don’t always go online so an invitation card is safer. Emphasize in the invitation cards a dress code, if there is, so your guests will know what to wear.

5. Souvenirs

Some people love to take home party memorabilia so make sure you choose souvenirs that can make your guests remember your party. The souvenirs may have something to do with the theme.

We hope these tips can help you plan well to make your debut party successful.