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5 Ways To Have Fun and Get Festive With A Photo Booth

Parties are fun events that all guests are expected to enjoy with their friends and with the other guests that they have only met. But what makes a party more memorable is the availability of a photo booth where all the guests can have fun taking photos and snapshots. With today’s emergence of high-tech smartphones and selfie sticks, who doesn’t want his/her photos to be taken? But your guests’ photos can be even more appealing if they are taken inside a photo booth, not just with their smartphones.

If you are planning to hold a party this Christmas holiday, make it as fun and as memorable as possible for all your guests. Here are 5 suggestions on how to make your guests have fun and get festive with a photo booth this holiday season.

1. Suggest a good outfit

In the invitation card, inform your guests to wear an outfit that would best represent the Christmas spirit. They could wear a Santa dress or use a Santa hat. But make sure that the photo booth you will be renting for your party have available Christmas party props for your guests to use like candy canes, tinsel, masks, a snow globe, or signs such as ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’.

2. Choose a festive backdrop

Since your party is about the Christmas season, choose backdrops that show the holiday spirit such as snow, winter wonderland, twinkling lights, a green screen, or anything that would liven up the Christmas feel.

3. Decorate the photo booth

To emphasize the Christmas feel, decorate the photo booth with something associated to Christmas. You could wrap it to make it appear like a giant gift. This will make the photo booth attractive to all your guests.

4. Invite ‘Santa’ to your party

Christmas has been greatly associated with Santa so to make your party even more fun, ask a friend or a family member to play ‘Santa’ and have your guests pose with him inside the photo booth. With their Christmas outfits plus Santa, your party would surely be a big hit!

5. Customize the photo prints

The photo prints are the best proof of how fun your party is so make sure the prints are customized according to the preferences of your guests. But you can also add more fun to the photos by making the guests appear like they just came out of the chimney or they are riding with the reindeers in Santa’s sleigh.

You can do all these things with a photo booth that allows you to let your imagination come out. So be wise in renting a photo booth for your next party.