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6 tips to help you stand out on your graduation ball

It’s your last year in school and soon, you will be accepting your diploma, the fruit of your labor, as they say. But before you come up on stage to receive it, you have to attend first a graduation ball, an event which is usually held days before the actual graduation ceremony.

Expect everyone to be dazzling and beautiful at the graduation ball. After all, it’s the last event of the year so it is just fitting to feel and look glamorous. How can you go with the flow and look glamorous as well? Here are a few tips to help you stand out during your graduation ball.

1. Just be yourself

Stay calm and never let excitement engulf you over because if you do, you will just end up feeling anxious the whole night. Be yourself. No pretentions. If you are happy, laugh out. If someone pisses you off, tell him or her why. Be honest. Follow all the rules set for the graduation ball and all will be well until the end.

2. Choose a comfortable outfit

Don’t dress up to impress someone. Do it for yourself. If you are not comfortable wearing a long dress and heels, then by all means don’t wear them. You will surely not enjoy the night if you do. You can come in your comfortable jeans and choice of shoes. However, if the school strictly enforces a dress code, then you can do nothing but to follow the rule or else, you will not be allowed to enter the venue of the graduation ball. Just make sure the dress or suit you choose is comfortable and you can freely move just in case you opt to dance during the party with your friends.

3. Drink moderately

Choose cautiously what to drink, something that is only light and doesn’t give a hangover. And don’t drink too much lest you lose your composure and become the talk of the whole school the next day! Just drink moderately. This is especially important if you bring your car so you can still drive yourself home.

4. Have fun and enjoy

Create priceless memories from your graduation ball by enjoying to the max. Have fun with your friends. Engage in a lengthy but meaningful conversation with them. You might not be able to see them after graduation so this is the time to know them a little more. Dance till your heart drops! If there are games prepared for all, join and show your competitive side.

5. Come early

Every graduation ball has a pre-party event so come to the venue early so you won’t miss any of the activities.

6. Stay until the end of the event

The reason why we tell you to just drink moderately is because we want you to stay until the graduation ball is over. You still have to join the after-party event and be sure to be around when the Survivor’s Photo is taken. The picture is one big proof that you are ready to face the challenges waiting for you after graduation. ---


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