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Ceremonies worth celebrating for family bonding

Being humans who have intense emotions, we feel happy when we achieve something in our life or we embark on something new that we want to share that happiness to our families and friends. And the only way to share what we have gone through is to hold a party.

Parties are events that we hold to celebrate an important occasion or milestone in our life. Graduations, weddings, baptismal, confirmations and birthdays are just some of the occasions we celebrate through a party with our families and friends. These occasions are sometimes referred to as ceremonies by some people.

By definition, ceremonies are occasions -- either religious, public or private – to celebrate a particular event. These ceremonies could either be held formally or informally. In formal ceremonies, all the guests wear suits, gowns and other formal dresses but for informal occasions, any dress that the guests feel comfortable wearing and deemed appropriate is okay.

In earlier times, a ceremony is often referred to as an event of ritual significance. But in modern times, it could mean just any event.

Today, there are many ceremonies that are worth celebrating. These include weddings, graduations, awarding, baptism, first communion and initiations.

When a woman who belongs to the upper class of the society gives birth, a ceremony is usually held to celebrate the blessing and big events will happen afterwards when the baby celebrates his or her birthday every year. The same thing happens when the baby will be baptized. A huge party will surely be held to celebrate the occasion.

In earlier times, when rich girls are matured enough to be introduced to the society, a debutante’s ball is held, which was considered then as a big ceremony for the rich and the famous. Today, however, a debutante’s ball is still held but not as rampant as before. In some countries, girls hold a ceremonial debut party when they reach 18 years of age, which is considered as a big event for the girls and their families.

When a person died, a ceremony is also held for his or her burial, which is attended by families and close friends. However, no big party is usually held after the burial.

Other social ceremonies that usually followed with a big party are victory in a battle, coronation, oath-taking and inauguration of elected officers, feasts of saints, and opening and closing of a sports event, among others.

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