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Fun church activities for the whole family

We may have different religions but we all have one thing in common – faith in God. But there are people who consider church time as a boring time, with lots of preaching, talking and sermons. Though these activities are spiritually enriching, it is also important to incorporate into the regular preaching sessions some fun activities to keep all church goers alive and awake.

Aside from the traditional service, there are other church activities that you can do to strengthen your faith and foster camaraderie among all members of the church. There are youth camps for teenagers, Bible vacation school for kids which is usually done during summer, tea or coffee hour for parents, mission work, fellowship dinners, seminar or workshop about different topics for specific age groups, and other activities that everyone would surely love to join.

Some churches also hold charity events, the proceeds of which will be donated to other organizations.

Some churches of the Seventh Day Adventist hold regular youth camps for teenagers and Bible vacation school for kids. Both events aim to further enrich the participants with the word of God and how the Bible can become a strong instrument of faith.

Other churches also hold regular men’s and women’s fellowship that also centers on discussions about the Bible.

Gift giving is a regular activity of almost all churches where every December, they give gifts and donate them to the less fortunate people. For them, helping others can also help them grow their faith.

Other church activities that everyone would surely love to join are family karaoke night, movie night, talent show, sports festivities, bonfire and of course, regular potluck.

But whatever activities your church will hold, make sure you will not only focus on Bible discussion and talks. Spice up your event by adding games, sharing of experiences and other noteworthy activities.

Games are very important not only in church activities but also other events and gatherings as they help set the mood of every participant. They can be considered as ice breakers and will make the event more fun, entertaining and educational.

You can play Bible trivia or ask the participants to cite and explain their favorite Bible verses. This would help them become familiar with the different verses of the Bible and makes them more aware of how the

Bible can be applied to our everyday living.

Towards the end of the activity, ask every participant what new things they have learned about the Bible and how can they apply these learnings into their everyday life.