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Graduation Party Ideas: Making Your Graduation More Memorable

All students are surely looking forward to finishing their studies and graduate, if possible with flying colors. But if you don’t graduate with honors, it’s okay. At least, you’re done with school and now you are ready to face bigger challenges ahead especially when you join the workforce.

On your graduation day, you are the most happiest. You would surely feel relieved and happy. At last, you’re done with late night studying. No more group studies and no more cramming during exams. You worked hard to finish your degree so it is just appropriate to celebrate your graduation day with a party.

Plan your graduation party properly to make sure that everything will be in order and that all your guests will definitely have a great time partying. Be creative and decorate your venue with something related to graduation like caps, diploma and tassel. If you are graduating from college, you can use graduation cap as a symbol in your décor. This is to recognize the importance of what you have achieved in school.

You can make diploma-themed desserts like cupcakes adorned with graduation caps on top and tassels on the side. You can also make a cake shaped like a graduation cap or cap-shaped cookies with gold or white tassel as a lovely finishing touch.

Pretzels make a good décor too. Create graduation pretzel pops by covering the entire pretzel rods with white chocolate and put chocolate caps on top.

You can also put some chips or candies inside clear plastic cans or jars then decorate the jars with the year of your graduation. Arrange them nicely on top of the table and make sure that your graduation year is clearly visible.

Your graduation is your first step towards your future so request your guests to join you in your journey by asking them to look into their own futures through decorated fortune cookies.

When the party is over, give your guests something to bring home. You could make colorful graduation cap cookies or anything that helps them remember your graduation party.

You burned candles just to pass all your academic subjects and your graduation serves as proof that you are a winner. So make your graduation party very memorable and fun not only for you but for all your guests. Just remember that creativity is your only armor in coming up with fun graduation party ideas.